Development of Mogilishte Wind Farm

Project Wind farm Mogilishte is one of the first operational wind farms in Bulgaria. It is located near Kavarna, 6 km away from the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The area is one of the best in Bulgaria for wind power generation considering the wind speed and intensity.

The project includes the installation of six new generators produced by an european manufacturer. The turbines are certified by TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH. The envisaged total installed output of the wind farm is 9MW.

The development of wind energy farm Mogilishte is divided in three stages. The first stage was completed in April, 2008. It included the following activities:

  • development and commissioning of a 20 kV cable line to substation Kavarna;
  • development and commissioning of a generator distribution installation connecting the wind powerplants with the medium voltage distribution grid of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • development and commissioning of two wind powerplants with total installed output of 3 MW.

The second stage of the project was completed at the end of 2008. The stage included the development of one wind powerplant.

Type of the machines is Leitwind 77 IEC IIa with nominal output 1,5MW.

The implementation of wind farm Mogilishte third stage is forthcoming and an Agreement for connection of generators 4, 5 and 6 to the grid of E.ON Bulgaria Mreji AD has been signed.

Each installation has a transformer platform equipped with an upward transformer which transforms the voltage to 20 kV - a voltage level necessary for connecting to the medium voltage power distribution grid. The produced power is transferred to Kavarna substation through a 20 kV underground cable line.

At present, the installed units satisfy the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer. All installed units are new and at the start of their projected useful lives.