Electrical power sales

Reliable power supply for acceptable price is a key factor for economic growth and compatibility. The ratification of the Energy Community Treaty, on the one part, and the European Union membership, on the other, provided the Republic of Bulgaria with an opportunity for free access to electrical power trade not only on the Bulgarian market but also in the region of the Balkans and the EU. The liberalization of the Bulgarian energy market is a relatively new process. Its transformation from a legal matter to a practical possibility requires efforts, changes and time. The development of the electrical power market and the creation of competition will necessitate professionalism and guaranteeing transaction security.

Nimex–2004 Ltd is a licensed dealer in electrical power, regulated with license No. Л-288-15/15.12.2008 issued by the State Committee for Energy and Water Regulation. The company endeavors to develop a long-term strategy and a policy for continuing presence and establishment on the electrical power market in Bulgaria and the region. For the realization of this policy, the company will direct its efforts in the following directions:

  • Constant monitoring of the processes of preparation and changes in the regulatory framework for operating on the market, as well as preparation of the company for operating under the new conditions;
  • Detailed study and analysis of the market, as well as of the needs and requirements of business partners;
  • Ongoing training and qualification improvement of the staff;
  • Holding a successful marketing and advertising campaign;
  • Development and adaptation of the company's operating structure to the conditions of the Bulgarian and regional markets;
  • Use of modern and effective technical resources – hardware, software, telecommunication services;
  • Cost optimization and efficiency improvement for each following business operation, for the units of the company and for the company as a whole;

Partnership, correctness, solidarity and search of mutual benefit in every business operation.