Wind potential evaluation

One of the main factors for a successful realization of an idea for production of electrical power by wind powerplants is the wind potential evaluation. In general, on the territory of Bulgaria this potential is not big.

Map of the wind potential in Bulgaria

The necessary average annual wind speed to realize a project for developing a wind farm, where at the same time this project would be economically effective, must be at least 6 m/s. The data for the speed of the wind and the distribution of speeds is of essential importance for making the right choice of a site and technical characteristics of the equipment, which will be selected for producing electrical power.

The company Nimex–2004 Ltd has two developed and working wind masts for measuring wind potential in the North-East part of Bulgaria. One of them is situated near Gorun village, Shabla municipality, and the other - near Izgrev village, Suvorovo municipality.

The measuring masts use calibrated and internationally certified measuring devices, there is a remote connection for data collection and processing, and they also utilize certified software. Each of them sends data to the office of the company in Sofia where it is being processed and analyzed.

Principle location of the weather measuring masts

Wind rose – visualisation of data received from the weather mast near Gorun village, Shabla municipality.