Production of energy by wind powerplants

Wind, as an energy source, turns out to be attractive for several reasons. This resource is drawn directly from nature, without any 'extraction' or preprocessing, it is practically an inexhaustible energy source, does not lead to pollution or weather anomalies.

Wind technologies use the energy of wind masses above the earth surface which result from the movement caused by the warmth of the sun and the movement of the Earth. The air actuates the arms of the wind power installation as a result of the force which is created from the difference in pressure exerted over the flat surface of the arms and the low pressure on their reverse side. Their rotation leads to the production of mechanical energy which can be turned into electrical power with the help of an electrical generator.

Nimex–2004 Ltd is on the market as an independent producer of electrical power by wind powerplants since the beginning of 2008.

As of April 2008 the company operates two new wind power units in the region of Kavarna city with total installed output of 3 MW. The third wind generator was commissioned at the end of 2008. The type of the installed wind powerplants is with direct actuation of the generator rotor by the turbine rotor. Synchronous generators and inverters of the most modern type are used. The produced electrical power is exported to the medium voltage distribution grid of E.ON Bulgaria EAD. The installation of the three wind generators constitutes the first and the second completed stages of the project Wind farm Mogilishte on the territory of Kavarna city. The realization of the last stage includes the development of three more wind generators. Each of the installations has a nominal output of 1.5 MW and the total nominal output of the farm will be 9 MW.

 The State Committee for Energy and Water Regulation has issued to the company license No. Л-292-01/2.02.2009 for the production of electrical power by wind powerplants with total installed output above 5 MW.

The strategy of the company is to expand the wind power sites of the company, as well as to increase the installed output of the wind farms by installing new units featuring the most modern technologies guaranteeing production of high quality electrical power.